Burgerking extreme
awards 2008
We are once again honored to be a part of the Burgerking TV. This time we're competing in "Burgerking extreme awards 2008". You are also welcome to compete, just sign up here and upload your video! The website contains short versions of the longer versions that are shown in the restaurants. We wish everyone that decides to join the competition luck, and we thank Burgerking for pushing our sports to a new level! If 46 manage to win, we will produce a new film during 2009!
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46 moments is finally ready to be shipped out. For more information and to order, please click here (a new browser will open, so be sure to allow pop-ups).

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Team Sportia competition
Team sportia, which is the greatest sport dealer in Sweden, have finally hosted their yearly competition "Awesome trix". 46 had the honour to make the inspiration clips this year as well. Compete/watch the competition at Awesometrix.se

46 moments
"During the winter of 2007 a couple of Swedes and a camera travelled all over the globe with the goal of making a ski film. A ski film that everyone could relate to and feel that they could be a part of.
- These are their moments."

Finally. After a lot of work we're finished with this years project. The film will be available for ordering later this week. We're hosting a release party at club Kontiki in Gothenburg the 16'th of february, please click here for more information.

Download the short trailer for this years project called "moments" here.

We would like to thank this years partners for all the great support.

46 "moments" on it's way
The new film called "moments" (of 2007) from 46 is right now being edited. The DVD is mainly a skii movie, but we will also add this summers sickest inline skating moments. 46 would like to thank EVERYONE that participated in this crazy years filming and give extra credits to those riders who put their life in danger to make this film more enjoyable! A trailer will be available as soon as we have shipped the film away to Scandinavia (it's being processed/edited in the USA).

Picture: Viktor Ericson, photo by Christoffer Aldell.
The tour continues
After being home 1 day from the inline skating tour in Oslo & Gothenburg we are leaving again for Norway to film skiing. This time Kim Boberg, Johan Lilja, Steffen Hamre, Adam Falk, Ola Melin, Christoffer Aldell & co are going to the glacier of Folgefonn for the last shooting before the editing of the ski film.
46 at Scandinavian tour !
Fredrik Andersson (46 inline skating team) and Christoffer Aldell are in Olso at the Ignition team's Scandinavian tour. There will be a lot of filming during the next 8 days, with riders in the team (and the new 46 inline skating film) like Jacob Juul (Denmark), Dominik Wagner (Germany), Jojo Jacobi (Germany) and of course our own Fredrik Andersson. More information about all this will follow!

View 46 at Burgerking
46 is the new Burgerking TV. 4 programs (75% inline skating and 25% skiing) is being shown on bigscreens in all Burgerking restaurants through Sweden. The word from Burgerking, however, is that they haven't installed the screens in all restaurants yet, so the programs are only being shown in a few restaurants at this writing moment; but it will be showing in all Swedish restaurants soon. Go eat in the coolest environment ever. Bon appétit!

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Report from Freeride 2007
One of our photographers Erik Wibaeus wrote a report from Freeride 2007 in Åre and included some of his pictures.
Read it here (in swedish)
(picture: Kim Boberg by Erik Wibaeus in Åre, Sweden)

46 at Freeride in Åre
Johan Lilja, Kim Boberg, the Harlaut brothers and our photographer Erik Wibaeus are right now present in Åre during Freeride 2007, mainly for photoshoot, but also for filming. A coverage will follow from Erik during next week. Visit Playground for more information about the event!

46 back from the Euro trip!
46 is back from the Euro trip after some really epic days in the European alps. The trip started in Laax, where we spent 4 days in the park, and their park was one of the biggest we've ever seen. After a few days of intense filming we continued our trip to Engelberg/Titlis, which was a massive and really beautiful place. Their park was also very good, and contained lots of rails and boxes in world-class. Their jump was also in top-shape due to having the Swiss championships there only a few days earlier. We will put up a few pictures from our trip in the media gallery within a few days!
46 / Christoffer & Mikael Aldell, Johan Lilja, Joonas Wikberg, Steffen Hamre & co! (picture: Johan Lilja in Engelberg/Titlis)

46 goes south!
As of today the 46 team is heading down south for 10 days, to Laax in Schweiz and hopefully also Chamonix in France! The filmteam for this trip will consist of Johan Lilja, Joonas Wikberg, Christoffer & Mikael Aldell. We will team up with Steffen Hamre and his crew in Laax, and in Chamonix we will film with Petit Louis and his talented local friends. We feel confident that this will be one epic trip with alot of stunning visuals! Kim Boberg and Viktor Ericson will film at the same time in Sweden together with our filmer Fredrik Rudolfsson! (the picture: Viktor Ericson by Christoffer Aldell)

Visit Laax here ->

46 back from Åre & CBJO 2007
We have been filming alot lately. We travelled to Åre and filmed a few days with Viktor Ericson, Oskar Harlaut, Rasmus Hammar & co during the Jon Olsson Invitational, which we of course filmed parts of as well. We want to thank Tott & Skistar for their kindness! After Åre we went straight to Chalmers Big Jump Open 2007, and had alot of fun. The judges favoured some people in the qualifier who crashed before people that made their landings, that was not very fun though!

(the picture: Oscar Harlaut in Åre, during our filmsession)

Welcome to the new international webpage of the 46 project!
We finally launched an international webpage for the 46 project. Lately we have been using the all swedish website www.Fyrtiosex.se, but as we will be working with more international films in the future, we figured that we needed an international webpage as well! Johan Dunevall from our crew (JohanDunevall.com) made the html coding! The idea was to make a very simple & functional webpage, and we think that we actually managed to do it!

46 new skifilm project "moments"
We are proud to present our new skifilm project called "moments (of 2007)". Right now, we are shooting as much as we can. We have been filming some "un-official" sessions during this winter, and will continue during the spring. We will leave for our tour down to the Alps within a few weeks, after the Jon Olsson Invitational. You will be able to read more about our filmsessions & riders in the near future. Let's just hope that the global warming won't kill this winter too early! (the picture: Rasmus Hammar during a filmsession in Crans Montana, Schweiz)

Filmteam ->

46 goes to Åre & JOI 2007
It's time for this years Jon Olsson Invitational. We will be in Åre for over one week, filming for "moments" and (if we get press id's) the JOI competition. We will stay at Tott Hotell the first 2 days, and after that at Johan Dunevall's place! We are really looking forward to a nice event, and a lot of sessions in the sun! You can watch our film from JOI 2006 in our online-TV Extremecover.com

JOI 2007 ->

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