46 was created in June 2006 and contains a bunch of people from Sweden who has one common love; Extremesports. Our goal with the projects & films is to make extremesport bigger, and of course to show what Sweden has to offer internationally. We are involving the young athletes of Sweden, both known and unknown names, with the goal to help everyone boost their caréers. In the same time we are working together with partners that want's to profile themselves in this new upcoming era. We are simply trying to inspire as much people as we can. Big thanks goes to Team Sportia, who made all this possible in the first place! For questions, please contact Christoffer@Aldell.com

Crew ->
Christoffer Aldell, Cinematographer/editor, director & founder of 46
Mikael Aldell, Cinematographer, reporter, director & founder of 46
Johan Dunevall, photographer & webmaster
Fredrik Rudolfsson, photographer & cinematographer
Joakim Juhlin, Cinematographer
David Håkansson, Cinematographer
Marcus Högberg, Cinematographer, coordination & distrubution
Linus Andersson coordination & founder of 46, but inactive nowadays
Jimmy Selvin Inline skating events, etc

Athletes ->
Christopher Herdman, inline skating
Fredrik Andersson, inline skating
Joachim Wall, inline skating
Richard Karlsson, inline skating
Thomas Vega, inline skating
Andreas Karlsson, inline skating
Jojo Jacobi, inline skating
Jacob Juul, inline skating
Dominik Wagner, inline skating
Gagi Wagenblast, inline skating
Gabriel Hyden, inline skating
David Håkansson, snowboard
Kim Boberg, skiing
Viktor Ericson, skiing
Henrik Harlaut, skiing
Oscar Harlaut, skiing
Rasmus Hammar, skiing
Johan Lilja, skiing
Christoffer Aldell, skiing
Blayze Bramwell, skiing
Louis Josephe, skiing
Joonas Wikberg, skiing
Steffen Hamre, skiing
With friends..

(You are able to click some of the riders for more information)

Viktor Ericson, Kim Boberg, Christoffer Aldell & Mikael Aldell, photo by Fredrik Rudolfsson